Our programmes and workshops
are designed to help you develop
the skills and mindset of a leader
The Engaged Humans Blueprint is designed to develop the mindset that enables effective and impactful individuals, teams, and organisations.

Our programmes and workshops are designed to help you develop the skills and mindset of a leader, so that you can become more effective in your own right. All of our workshops and programmes are designed to be hands-on and highly experiential, meaning that people obtain a wealth of practical insights and tools that they can implement straight away, in both their personal and professional lives.

Our programmes are comprehensive and are bespoke in that they are designed to suit your specific needs and objectives as we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach and can be delivered in face-to-face or online formats. Each offering is tailored to suit your specific messages, focus areas and audience.

The Engaged Humans Blueprint
Aspects of development:
The Engaged Humans Blueprint is designed to develop the mindset that enables effective and impactful individuals, teams, and organisations.

You will learn the tools for enriching your relationships with others by increasing your understanding of social and emotional behaviours; and learn how to adapt your responses to particular situations to achieve the results that you desire.

We help you explore and understand your individual growth, strengths, and development areas. We assist you in adapting to change, learning how to incorporate more engaged ways of thinking and functioning, creating psychological safety and productivity by building healthier relationships with others, and enhancing team effectiveness and cohesion.

Creating an inclusive workplace where people are valued, respected, and heard can help employees manage conflict, be creative and innovative, and make a meaningful contribution to your organisation and communities.

We follow a methodology that incorporates individual and team insights and effectiveness, skills development, culture alignment and transformative results.

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Did you know: Engaged Employees working as a team are more aware of each other’s needs, and work together more efficiently?

By giving each individual the resources and encouragement, they need in order to become a catalyst for change and innovation, Engaged Employees instils a sense of teamwork and collaboration.

The health and happiness of individuals within a team is vital for a team to be effective and impactful.

The way forward for teams lies in your ability to align, manage conflict, embrace diversity, communicate effectively and flexibly adapt to a changing workplace landscape.

Are you fully aware of the strengths and motivators of the members of your team and how best to utilise them to deliver on your objectives? Engaged Employees will equip you with the skills you need to optimise synergy.

Aspects of development:

  • Conflict management and resolution.
  • How to communicate more effectively.
  • How to navigate changing work environments.

Did you know: Happy employees are 65% more energised and 85% more efficient with your time?

Employees who strive to further your careers and hone your leadership skills feel as though they are always moving forward in life.

Key human skills that are quintessential to Engaged Leaders are: creativity, persuasion, conflict management, adaptability, the ability to collaborate with others, resilience, emotional intelligence, and communication skills.

To become leaders of your own growth, and to create healthier relationships, people need to develop the self-discipline and self-motivation necessary to take charge of your own development.

Aspects of development:

  • Refinement of leadership skills.
  • How to shift from taking a reactive approach to adopting a proactive approach.
  • How to evolve interpersonal and intrapersonal communication.
  • Emotional intelligence and adaptability.

Did you know: The corporate sector loses almost R3 billion each year due to low productivity, absenteeism, and unhappy employees?

Employees want certainty, belonging, and meaning at work. Organisations strive for growth and profit. Employees with happy lives are engaged workers who are more productive and are thus more profitable.

There is overwhelming research validating the benefits of soft skills, which shows how it contributes to both individual and organisational success.

Your organisation’s future is largely determined by how well you develop your people. Engaged Organisations flourish thanks to a notable increase in productivity and a significant boost to staff morale.

Aspects of development:

  • Refinement of soft skills.
  • How to increase productivity and morale
  • How to establish a culture that promotes growth.
Our offerings can be presented in a range of formats to suit your employee and organisational needs:
30-60min Topical talks, webinar or coffee style interactive chats
2-3hr or half day workshops
Full day workshops and Wellness Days
Comprehensive 6-12 month programs
Online highly engaged e-learning