With the majority of people working from home these days, there are less team and one-on-one interactions with the majority of communications being done almost entirely online.

Some concerns that are already being flagged in organisations are that of: “employees are increasingly disconnected and as a result, projects can take longer to complete. New hires are failing to integrate effectively and young professionals can take longer to professionally develop without mentors at hand or behaviours to emmulate.”There is no doubt that building a cohesive culture in the COVID era will be harder than ever but it’s not impossible.

So what are some of the key factors to consider building your culture going forward?

Where possible have face-to-face interactions
Obviously complying with social distancing requirements. Research shows it is critical to establishing a connection and foundation going forward (this is not that different to when a child is born and they are needing to establish healthy attachment in their early years).

You see we are wired for connection from day one and that need never goes away. Alternatively encourage employees who live in the same area to have a coffee meet-up every now and then. We all want to belong at the end of the day and culture is a key factor in meeting this need.

Turn on your camera
Culture is learned through paying attention to the nuances. Just as parents set the tone for our ‘culture’ in the home for us to grow up and thrive in, so too do leaders set the tone in the workplace.  Just as children mimic their parents behaviour, so too do employees emulate leadership behaviour. We learn from a young age to respond to what behaviour is being rewarded (acknowledged) and what is not (ignored or disciplined).

Over time you notice which people get attention and which don’t. Turning cameras on can give clues to these subtleties and any corrective action that needs to be taken or support needed.

Keep it real
Culture is something we experience rather than consciously see or build. With majority of people WFH, we are needing to be more intentional in identifying these behaviours..  If there’s one thing for sure, remote work doesn’t eliminate culture, it reveals it.

Perhaps now is a time to review your company Values and recognition and rewards systems?

Our job role and function may have stayed the same but where and how we work has changed, and these elements may need a revamp or update to align to your new ways of working too.

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