Parents work experiences have a direct impact on their children

Did you know parents experiences at work have a direct impact on their children’s development?

Research shows that children’s developmental outcomes are directly and significantly affected by their parents’ work lives. 

Children of employees who had more-positive work experiences such as supportive supervisors and coworkers in their first years as parents, had better reading and math skills, better social skills, and fewer behavioral problems in their first grade. 

These results held true for both mothers and fathers and affirm the importance of creating a positive organisational culture, psychological safety and safe human connection. 

When employees feel respected and supported in their day-to-day functioning it raises their productivity levels and therefore has a direct impact on the bottom line. 

When we experience a negative or toxic environment, our wellbeing is impacted in various ways such as

  • 38% report headache
  • 35% experience fatigue
  • 33% see an impact on their eating habits
  • 32% struggle with changes in sleep habits
  • 15% turn to alcohol, cigarettes or drugs to relax

New research shared by Forbes shows that kindness helps to solve stress, depression and anxiety in some powerful and important ways.

It goes without saying then that engaging through simple, random acts of kindness goes a long way in alleviating stress, and that building an environment where everyone can thrive in the workplace means everyone thrives at home – resulting in an emotionally healthier generational workforce.

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Paula Quinsee: Relationship Expert, Tedx speaker and author of Embracing Conflict and Embracing No. Paula teaches individuals and companies tools and skills to immediately and positively enhance the quality of their personal and organisational relationships.